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Over the past year and a half Springfield H.O.P.E. has assisted over 19 families. We have been involved helping people in various situations. To date we have helped separated and divorced woman and their children when their spouse walked out of them and left them with no money for food.

We have assisted a grandmother who had custody of her grand kids and had to resort to eating scraps of food that others had provided them. At times dog biscuits were the only food available for them.

We are helping an individual who’s home is falling down around them. We have also helped families who were and are living on the street in Springfield.

These are but a few scenarios we have encountered since we began.

We are always searching out those needy people in Springfield who for one reason or another remain among those we have not been able to help. The community is our eyes and ears. We cannot help if we are not made aware of those in need. We are asking all the Houses of Worship, Schools and Civic organizations in Springfield to help us help our neighbors. All information will be held in strict confidence.

To notify us of a person or family in need: (E-mail to:

Needy family or person_____________________________________________


Phone #________________________________________

Person to contact (Name & Phone number)___________________________________

OR CALL 973-467-3388